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We all know that we are meant to love others, both those we know and love and strangers alike.  Today I am looking at love from a new perspective though and I invite you to do the same.   I want to see every act of love, kindness and generosity that I am able to live out as a small opportunity to shine a little bit of Heaven on Earth, albeit even if that little moment of joy lasts a mere millisecond, it’s a millisecond that matters.


How much Heaven on Earth can you spread to others in your daily life?


The next time you think about sprinkling joy upon others, think of it as your opportunity to share a little Heaven on Earth.  Take this responsibility seriously.  Others need you; you are needed.  Your love, compliments, kindness and generosity are in high demand, so, pour your sunshine out into this world and smile because you are taking part in something beautiful in someone else’s life.


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  1. Trish: Loved this post.
    I’ve been working on Heaven on Earth for years.
    Here’s an interview I did on it:

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