From the Inside Out Podcast: Launch Episode 001

Jul 23, 2012 by

In this episode, the launch episode of From the Inside Out Podcast, you will learn to challenge the way you think, live, eat and workout.  Welcome to the very first episode, please share your feedback!
Here are this episode’s quick notes for your reference:
  • Fitness from the Inside Out

You are only as healthy and fit as you are in your mind.

-What thoughts do you think about before you workout?

-What thoughts do you think during your workouts?

-What thoughts do you think afterwards?

-If you avoid working out, what exactly is it that you don’t enjoy?


  • Nutrition from the Inside Out

Your relationship with food/nutrition is based on the thoughts you think about food.

  • Yourself from the Inside Out

What makes you you? What do you most love about life and are you pursuing that?


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