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I’d like to think that we all can spread a little unexpected love to those around us.   I remind myself of this in the notes section of my iPhone with the following phrase that is typed out:   Touch people in a way that they don’t expect it.   I don’t always excel at this myself, but it certainly is my goal every day, and is perhaps why I am so easily pleased by the little things that others do for me that I don’t expect.


Fresh supply of locally grown herbs? Check! Makes me happy.


Just this morning, my friend and co-worker Sue Dzurenda brought me in a jar of freshly grown Thai basil from her garden.  Sue knows a few things about me and my relationship with basil: that I can’t keep a plant alive to save my life, that I can eat basil by the bushel and that I have a particular fondness for Thai basil.  She walked into my office this morning not just with a giant supply of Thai basil, but also with baggies full of fresh sage, rosemary and oreango.  It absolutely made my morning.  This morning, Sue Dzurenda was able to touch me in a way that I didn’t expect it and in a way that I will enjoy in my cooking over the next few days.

Little things matter.  Let us never forget that.  Do something little and unexpected for someone else today.

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