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I am writing this morning from Carolina Beach, North Carolina, and being around the ocean for yet another weekend is nothing but refreshing.  Ever since I can remember, the magnitude of the sea has always inspired my mind to think big thoughts.  The contradictory nature of nature itself — the ocean being one of the most peaceful and yet powerful forces on the planet — makes my thoughts race about my understanding of life itself.


Shades of blue, shades of freedom.


More than anything though, spending hours looking at the connecting horizon of the different shades of blue of the sea and sky make me smile.  The variations of blue remind me of how many different variations of life there are, and for me, life is grounded in freedom of these blues.

There is no reason that you should not live free.  Live free in being yourself, live free in enjoying life, and live free in being exuberant about the beauty of life surrounding you.    Today, I am celebrating the color blue.  Yes, I am still a pink girl at heart, but blue has beauty that runs deeper than my eyes can see.

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