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One of my mentors Kim has a knack for short phrases, little tidbits of wisdom, that resonate in my mind.  One of my favorites is the fact that “there is never a right time to do the wrong thing.”  Another one of my favorites is her instruction to teach me to self-reflect on everything I say, asking myself if what I said was either “kind or necessary.”  If I say or am tempted to say something that is neither kind or necessary, then I have no business saying it.


Are your words kind or necessary? Think about it.


The things you say matter.  You, with just your words, have the opportunity to either build others up or break them down.  If you want to leave an impact of love, inspiration, encouragement and goodness in this world and in your community, then you have the obligation to think about the words that you allow to leave your mouth.  Ask yourself if the words you choose are either kind or necessary and guide your language in suit.

Words can pierce scars into souls or they can give life and courage, either way, they have an impact. How do you want to be remembered for your words?

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