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As much as I love the East Coast, it can sometimes disappoint in the terms of surfable waves, as was the case yesterday at the Jersey Shore.  I hadn’t gotten my fill of surfing on Thursday and was really hoping for a day of excellence on Friday.  I was left wanting more, and in a way, it makes me love surfing all the more. 


Keep exploring until you find that passion that leaves you always wanting more.


One of the easiest ways to identify your passions is to figure out what exactly it is in life that leaves you craving for more.  Yesterday I was assigned a 6-mile run by my coach and I finished feeling great, happy to be done, but secretly wanting more.  The urge to continue running yesterday has translated itself into excitement to begin my 12-mile run today.   The pursuit of our passions should be an exciting progression of revelry and always wanting more.

Live your hobbies out-loud, allowing the passion that is within you to express itself.   Passion, as it develops, will always keep us wanting more and that’s exactly what keeps life so interesting.

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