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I am not afraid to say that I want to live differently than most people.  Truth is, too many people live lives of averageness, blending in with what is culturally acceptable or admired, desperately seeking to find satisfaction and purpose and yet never finding it.  I believe that life is better than that.  I believe that we deserve more than that, and even more than that, the world deserves more from us than simply carbon copying the lives of those around us.   The world needs us, but are we giving each other and our communities our true selves?


Dare to go against the flow and live the life that you dream.


Be different.  Yes, emulate those whom you admire, but still, no matter what, stay true to being you.  Question everything along the way;  questioning leads us to true ownership over our beliefs, so press on because, as you do, you will find the freedom to be who you are meant to really be

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