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To date there 12,560 iPhone or iPad app users that use one of my training apps.  This is a crazy concept for me to think about.  It’s a personal trainer’s dream really, to be able to virtually motivate over 2000 new clients per month.  I love connecting with my app users, whether its through email, Twitter, or Facebook and the main thing that distinguishes me from other workout apps on the market is that I really do interact with my users.  


Our flaws and imperfections are what make us real and beautiful.


Recently I received a harsh email from a new user that had downloaded one of my $1.99 apps.  In the message, among a handful of various recommendations for ways in which to improve the app, the commenter stated that he was surprised that I wasn’t “flawless” in my videos.  He stated that since I was a personal trainer that he would have expected perfection from me.  I kindly wrote him back and thanked him for his thoughtful feedback, sharing that I am happily working through my flaws every day to be the best version of myself that I can be, and needless to say, I am not surprised that he hasn’t written back.   My “imperfections” are what make me who I am and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

I am thankful for that email, for it reminded me of the power of our imperfections.  Perfection is imaginary so let yourself let it go, and the next time that you find yourself being criticized for not being “flawless,” smile and say thank you. 


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