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Someone recently asked someone I know, “how big is your but?” and it made me ask myself the same question.  “Buts” are the seed of excuses in life.  They are what drive the development of self-doubt and they are the enemy of success.  Ask anyone you know if they would like to be happy, healthy, fulfilled and successful; then ask them why they aren’t feeling that way.  More often than not, the answer will include the word “but” in it.  

  • I would lose the weight I need to BUT…I can’t resist sugar, I can’t get motivated, I am just meant to be “heavier”…so it’s a battle I can never win. 
  • I would be finally happy BUT…my partner, my luck, my loneliness, my passion,  my needs…aren’t ever going to get met the way I need them to, so this is better than nothing, at least I’m getting by.
  • I would be more successful BUT…my circumstances, my luck, my drive, my talent…doesn’t allow me to.


Refuse to sink before you even start to swim.


All of the above answers are the responses of someone on a sinking ship going nowhere.  Allow  “buts” to rule your thought-life and you will find yourself clinging tightly to a sinking anchor wondering why your luck just never works out for you like it does for everyone else.   Stop condemning yourself to failure before you even start. Silence the butsin your life because their voice has no place in the thought-life of someone who wants to live life to the fullest.  Eliminating your “buts” will solidify your refusal to sink before you even start to swim. 

Swim on and go with confidence that, with the right thought-life, you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to.

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