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I love stories.  I especially love stories about real people, even if I don’t know the people personally, for stories of triumph over daunting and discouraging circumstances are that of which legends are made.   I was recently email-introduced to breast cancer survivor Roise Rabon, 31 years-old today, she was diagnosed at the age of 27.   I cannot even imagine cancer in my life, let alone have any semblance of an understanding of the battle that Rosie has victoriously fought.  What I can understand though is that Rosie, with her positive and funny personality, made a critical decision when faced with a very dark situation.  Rosie decided that she would never lose hope.  And she didn’t.   Her blog that talks about her journey in “killing cancer cells” is one that reminds me that winning in life is all about the right attitude.


Whatever your circumstance, whatever giant in life you are facing, never lose hope.

It is easy to get lost in the mess of our own lives and busyness, and when we do we miss out on our opportunity to see heroes in real life that are right in front of us.   Rosie Rabon is an example of a hero in everyday life, of someone who lived out the fact that losing hope is not an option. 

If you are in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area in the month of October consider honoring heroes and fighters like Rosie by supporting the October 14th Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.   May we all support the heroes that surround us and may we learn from their examples of every-day courage personified.

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