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Excuses have been on my mind.  After spending Friday afternoon with my friend Moe recording a podcast on excuses, I have since been thinking about my own life and the areas in which I let excuses seep in.   Moe was blunt and honest in saying during the show that excuses are a nicer way of explaining laziness.  She pointed out how ugly of a word lazy is, so how much more apt are we to substitute all sorts of excuses to cover a character trait that we actually do not like about ourselves within.


Stop making excuses and quiet the voice of laziness. Make what it important you to a real priority and follow through.


The excuses that we make in ours lives are little windows of opportunity for us to see wherein our priorities lie.  Sometimes, we need to grab our priorities with both hands and set them straight.  Other times, our priorities are simply required of us and we have to accept them.  For example, this week I have to prioritize going to the DMV to renew my license tags as well as get my car’s state inspection done.  Just because I don’t want to prioritize such errands doesn’t mean that they aren’t necessary to be done.  The same goes for fitness and general health.  You simply do not have a choice to not care about what you put into your body.  You have one body for life, and if you don’t fuel it, care for it and treat it properly, well, your engine is not going to take you very far.  Making your health a priority is a non-negotiable part of life.

Without your health, you really have nothing; your health is your wealth.  No more excuses, start treating your body, your health and your nutrition as one of your top priorities because it is the priority that will determine much about both the quality and quantity of your life.



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