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There is something about the word “no” that is hard to say.  Whether we are saying no to fast food or to unnecessarily over-committing ourselves to the requests of others, saying no is a skill that must be developed.  It takes effort to grow, but it is a tool that will take you far in life if you let it.  We were masters of the word at the age of two, so undoubtedly we still have the potential to reintroduce it properly into our adult vocabulary.


The No Disease has a cure, and it’s simple: stop saying yes to everything and everyone. Learn to say no and it will set you free.


One of the personal trainers on my team told me today that she has “the No Disease.”  She struggles in telling anyone no, which is how she ends up overextending herself within the community and within her work hours.  Her string of no’s have started to strip away personal and family time for her, but the desire say “yes” to everything and everyone is still strong.  I know how she feels, for this is a skill I am always working on within myself; it is a skill that we all need to.

We cannot be afraid to let others down by saying no.  If something does not fit for us, if is not right for us to do, or if is not aligned with our particular priorities, it is okay to say no.   If you have the No Disease, you can be healed, but doing so starts with a few “no’s”, so get started today.

Say NO to others that take advantage of you.

Say NO to the lies that you believe about yourself and stop allowing them to be true.

Say NO to committing to things because you are afraid to hurt someone else’s feelings.

Say NO to your bad nutritional habits of the past.

Say NO to unhappiness.

Say NO to excuses.

Say NO to any reason for not being 100% alive and 100% true to you.

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