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Writing at airports makes the list of my favorite things to do.  I have never traveled without writing, and airports, the ultimate mixing pot of people, languages, and cultures, is a hot-spot of inspiration.  Travel makes my heart grow.  It challenges me, it expands me, it makes me better.   I am writing from Dulles Airport, wine in hand, with Brandon across from me while we wait to board.  The anticipation of an adventure through France and Spain has me bubbling inside, smiling with every thought of the unknown ahead.


I am ready to be lost in France again; I can’t wait to see what I find.


I came across some of Henry David Thoreau’s great transcendental writings last night, and haven’t been able to stop thinking about his words on the power of the mind.  He wrote: “Thought is the sculpture who can create the person you want to be,” and I love it.   My next fourteen days will be formative in shaping my experience of being lost again, even though I know France well every visit brings new adventures and new revelations.  Partnered with my discoveries, I will find a deeper understanding of myself through exploration, and with that I am eager to use those new discoveries to sculpt the person that I want to be.

Use your thoughts this week to sculpt yourself into the person you want to be and get lost to understand yourself.

Vive la France.  J’arrive! 

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