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Told you all that I missed podcasting while I was in Europe! Two episodes in one week, looks like I had a lot of thoughts to share!  You all are a fabulous community, thank you for letting me be a part of your life and your podcast listening choices.  HUGE thanks to everyone who has rated From the Inside Out Podcast in iTunes, subscribed to my show or simply written me emails with your feedback…you all keep me going, so thanks for what you do! Enjoy the episode on practicing patience, show notes are below!

Practicing Patience: Episode 8


About Patience:

Patience is a skill, not a given virtue that we innately have.

Yes, it comes easier to some than others, but it being difficult for you does not excuse you from refining it.  If anything, it necessitates it more.

You have to choose to practice patience on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis.


Being patient with yourself physically is one of the hardest types of patience to develop.

Know that there is no quick fix in fitness. Real, lasting change demands patience.


Know that starting a new way of eating is like starting a new lifestyle; it doesn’t happen without patience and adjustments.  Part of being patient in this area is learning to give yourself grace and room to grow as you adjust to a new style of living and eating..


Know that loving yourself physically doesn’t happen overnight. It demands patience, purposeful patience.

Patience with others is something that you must practice consistently, especially in the moments that you least want to.

Don’t let impatience win in your heart.  You are better and can be better than that.

Adam Chaney: “Don’t stress what you can’t control.” You can’t control others, so stop letting your impatience with them (whether it’s literal speed in walking, or their resistance to self-growth, needed healthy changes, etc) make you think that you can control them. You can’t control others. Let it go. 

Question of the Episode:

How penetrated into your heart is the attitude of impatience?  Do you want to be free from the suffocating vines of impatience bad enough to commit to consciously practicing patience on a daily basis?



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