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The number one way I know that I am getting sick is when I don’t have a desire to run. This morning when I walked by the FreeMotion treadmills and didn’t get an excited buzz in my belly to jump on myself, I knew that my body was fighting off something.  Chalk it up to transitioning from a trip to Europe, adjusting back to work, a trip to Utah, long flights and lack of sleep, but my body is exhausted.   I preach the theory of rest and tell others to take days off, especially when the body is talking to you, yet it is still one of the hardest things for me to put into action myself.


Why not live a big life?!


Thankfully though, when the body needs rest, it talks to us pretty loudly, loudly enough to make even me stop.  Instead of working out today as planned I stretched with my friend Moe instead.  Feeling the slightest bit guilt about my decision, I mentioned it to Moe, who responded with a high-five.  She asked me if working out today will make me live any longer.  Her question stopped me dead in my tracks.  I was stressing over missing a running workout because I am trying to break 1:30 in my November half marathon, but really, do one or two missed runs really matter? No, they don’t.

Why not live a big, long life?  What a great question.  Moe’s wisdom strikes a chord of truth and perspective into everything we do.  Are the choices that you are making today going to help you live longer?

Live a big life; take care of yourself and be balanced, because the end goal is all about the journey of living longer, healthier and happier.

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