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Yesterday one of my trainers, someone in their forties, told me that until me, no one had ever told them that they could really do anything they wanted in life. With glowing excitement, this trainer shared how they have turned much of their live around and how life is different when lived with the realization that they are allowed to have a dream.

We can all have a dream of our own.  If you have never been told that before, I am telling you now.  You now have permission to bolding figure out how to be fully alive in being yourself.  Don’t be what others have told you to be, but instead simply  be who you are.


Stay grounded but let your mind explore the clouds of possibilities that you previously thought were unreachable.


Sometimes people tell me that I live in the clouds, and to some extent, I do because I believe that I can. The greatest gift that my parents ever gave me is what they instilled deep within my thought life and identity: the belief that I am capable and free to do anything that I want to.  The world is my oyster and I find beautiful pearls at every turn of the journey because I am looking with the right eyes.

You can do and be anything that you want; so think about it, what is your dream?  The only thing holding you back in accomplishing or experiencing anything in life is your lack of belief that you are worthy enough for such great things to happen to you.  Anything negative anyone has told you in the past doesn’t matter anymore, because remember, you now have permission to go dream and go be YOU.



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