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I just came from a girls outing at the nail salon, which, by any standard is a great way to spend a Friday morning.  Rather than feeling good though, my nail lady put extra effort this morning in trying to up-sell me on every service she could offer.  Normally, such efforts at sales don’t bother me as I love sales myself and appreciate anyone’s effort to make their business better.  Today though, the sales pitch turned insulting.  I had only wanted a pedicure and that is all I got, but along the way, she asked me eight times if I was sure that I didn’t want my eyebrows done, three times about my fingernails, and then added her personal opinion (which was negative) on the color of nail polish that I had picked out (pink, of course!).


Be unapologetically YOU and don’t let anyone change that.


It was the perfect opportunity to practice being okay with just being myself.  I am not a girl that gets her fingernails done, I am a pedicure only kind of girl.  Also, my eyebrows look fine, not to mention that they are blond, and the insults of someone trying to make more money off of me shouldn’t make me think anything otherwise.  When people tell you to change something about yourself that you are comfortable with, don’t listen.  It can be hard at times, especially when they are relentless, but stay true to being you – to your own personal style – and you will never go wrong.



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