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We are who we are because of the stories we have lived.  Each day, a new story.  Every trial that crosses our paths is a story.  The people who we share moments of our lives with – both good and bad – create stories, and stories are powerful.  They change lives.  They inspire others.  They ignite passion and they start movements.


Accept your story and share it, because it’s probably a lot more beautiful than you could ever imagine.


My story is one of a girl who battled to own her own story.  It is a story of an over-achiever trying to please others instead of being true to herself.  It is a story about identity and about finding freedom and joy after hiding behind the fear and addiction of a decade-long eating disorder.  My story matters, and sharing it has not only changed my life, but also the lives of others.   My story had to be shared, it was meant to be shared, and so is yours.

Be generous with your story because people need to hear it.  You have been given your story for a reason, so own it, accept it, and pass it on.

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