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I hate car maintenance.  In fact, my Jetta has needed a new battery and new tires for the past two months and every week it’s my goal to actually make the time to take my car to the shop.  Car maintenance is a nuisance, but a necessary one, and one that if ignored, will eventually leave me without ability to move forward.

A clean engine and a fresh battery make a car not only more powerful, but more reliable.  So too do we need to keep our minds and bodies clean and fully charged if we want to live a life worth telling a story about.  Just like putting off new car batteries or tires, eventually, with enough procrastination, we will lose our ability to have a choice in the matter.  Every day that I put off the current car maintenance that my Jetta needs is a day that I risk having a car that won’t start.   Our bodies are the same.  There is a breaking point at which you cannot force your body past, so make sure to keep your battery recharged.  Charge yourself up with clean food, consistent workouts and sufficient sleep.  What you put into your body is what you get out of it, so put in as much CLEAN as you can: clean thoughts, clean food, and a clean attitude…be a clean machine.

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