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The search for identity is one that haunts us all; it’s an essential part of the make up of our souls.  Yesterday I was talking to someone about being a runner, which is a conversation I have with a lot of clients and one that I had to have with myself as well.  This person was struggling to accept that they could call themselves an “athlete” or a “runner” because they had always identified with being awkward and clumsy in the past.  I told them what was told to me when I first started running when I would tell my coach that I wasn’t a “real runner”:  If you run, you are a runner.  


Enjoy what you do and be who you really are.


If you write, you are a writer.  If you paint, you are an artist.  Whatever it is that you do, it becomes part of who you are.  It doesn’t matter how many people read what you write or if anyone has bought a painting from you, what matters is that you do something that makes you come alive and makes your heart beat with joy.    Stop telling yourself that you have to be “good” to be qualified as someone that does something because if you do, your imaginary measuring stick will never end.  Give yourself credit for what you do and for what you enjoy and let go of the identity crisis.

Go do something and let yourself be what you do in that moment.   Our identities are deeply intricate tapestries combing thousands of characteristics, so relish in the depth of who you are.  You are good enough right now to be the runner, athlete, writer or artist that you have always wanted to be, so just accept it.



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