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This morning at the gym a client lied to me.  She didn’t intend to, but she did because she is so caught up in her own self lies that she doesn’t know the difference between the lies and the truth herself.  I ran into this client while she was breaking between two group exercise classes, and in passing she asked me a quick question about post workout recovery choices. Holding a tube of processed protein, this woman asked me if that was the right choice for her.  Knowing that she was about to do another hour of cardio and that her trainer is exasperated with her refusal to eat carbohydrates of any type, I asked her if she had eaten any carbs before working out that morning.  Shaking her head as if to convince herself, she assured me that she had.   Little does she know that I know her secret.  I know her secret because I have lived it.   It is the lie of not believing the true science of exercise and nutrition, that the body needs actual nutrients for survival and optimal health.   It is the lie that over-exercising, compulsive calorie and carb control, and extreme discipline will make you happy and more loved.  The belief that those extreme control mechanisms will give you the body of your dreams, when in fact they destroy your metabolism, your energy levels, and increase your stress hormones ultimately causing you to store more fat.  When I recommended that she choose a banana or natural carb source to fuel the rest of her mega workout, she resisted and chose the processed protein juice instead.   She is a woman desperate for an unattainable image that she will pursue to any extreme necessary.  What she doesn’t know yet is that her quest is one that will never end because once you start believing and engaging in the lies, they just grow and they never end.


You can NEVER get enough truth.


The lies we tell ourselves don’t just hurt us, they are massively destructive.   It pains me when I see people living the lies that I used to because there is a better way.  Life simply does not have to be as hard as we make it out to be, and furthermore, a perfect body will never fix our problems anyways. Kill the lies of the perfection that you feel you need to attain and instead focus on being healthy, balanced, and happy.

Whatever your lies are, stop them.  Stop allowing yourself to believe them.  Saturate your mind in truth and the truth will set you free.

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