LET GO OF THE LIES: Podcast Episode 10.

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The double digits of podcast episodes is here….announcing From the Inside Out’s podcast show number TEN!   Please see below for show notes and, most importantly, enjoy and get inspired!


LET GO OF THE LIES: Podcast Episode 10.

Episode 10: LET GO OF THE LIES

Episode ten dissects the top three lies that we tell ourselves in the areas of Fitness, Nutrition and Ourselves; it’s up to you to stop living out the lies and to start living out truth.  It will feel unnatural, uncomfortable, and perhaps even scary at first, but know this: lies are a prisons and the truth will always set you free.


Lie #1: Over-exercising will get results.

Lie #2: I’m not in shape enough to be seen at the gym yet.

Lie #3: I’m not a real “athlete” or “runner”


Lie #1:  Carbs are bad and will keep me from losing weight.

Lie #2:  I can work it off tomorrow.

Lie #3:  If I eat less I’ll lose more.


Lie #1: You are not good enough right now, but once (A), (B), and (C) are accomplished, then you will be worthy of being loved / then your life will be okay and you will finally have permission to be happy.

Lie #2: You don’t have anything worthwhile to say or contribute.

Lie #3: You are defined by your past. / You are a hypocrite.

Housekeeping Notes: 

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Question of the Episode:

What is the biggest lie of your past that you allow your mind to engage in and are you willing to take major steps of action to KILL the lie on the hour every hour?



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