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It’s always nice to come home to a clean house after traveling, thus my motivation to do some last minute scrubbing myself before heading to the airport for my trip to San Diego this weekend.  Enticed by the thought of a sparkling room and bathroom to welcome me home on Monday, I pulled out my Kaboom.  Kaboom isn’t just an awesome cleaning product because it cleans well, it is awesome because sprays purple foam that changes colors as it cleans.  It’s hard not to enjoy cleaning when you’re just playing with a massive pile of purple foam.

Security at the Richmond Airport  gave me  some extra loving attention today.  I failed the full body screen.  I then failed the chemical hand test which resulted in a thorough investigation of every item, down to my headbands and almond butter packs.  They alerted me that I had an unknown chemical substance on my hands and clothes and instructed me that I would be taken to a private room for further questioning and patting down.   After a good 10 minutes of questions and touching, I finally figured out what had landed me into that “special” room.   It was the Kaboom.  Once the mystery was solved and I was deemed “safe” in public, I was released to go along my merry way.


Kaboom, we had such a nice relationship today, I don’t know how you turned on me!


I am not advising that we seek to find blame for our circumstances as I did with Kaboom today, but what I am advising is that we each engage in constant self-reflection.  If you are in a place right now where you are unhappy and you want to move on, you sometimes have to first identify what exactly it is that got you there in the first place before you’re allowed out of the waiting room.   Don’t linger in blame or in shame, just identify, accept and then take action steps to move on.

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  2. Oh my GOODNESS!!! Of course ti would be YOU who….
    1) Buys a house cleaning product that sprays PURPLE!!! Is that stuff FDA regulated?!?!
    2) Waits to top-to-bottom clean their house RIGHT before they go on a trip!
    3) hahha! Gets dragged in to airport security and finds a good life lesson!!

    I LOVE YOU!!!

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