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I love being at FitnessQuest 10, a magical place where inspiration happens in the fitness industry.  Like in Disney World, Todd Durkin‘s facility attracts those looking for a world class experience and those looking to expand their minds and imaginations.  This morning during Durkin’s 3.5 Day Mentorship, fitness business pro Vito LaFata captivated the crowd of mentorees  in his presentation on the Anatomy of the Fitness Business.   As he called the room to action and urged everyone to lead their businesses with ignited hearts, he reminded us of a beautiful truth about pain in life…and that is that pain is inevitable.

It is inevitable because there will always be two types of pain in life:  the pain of discipline and the pain of regret.  No matter what we do in life, we will live out either one or the other, so today, I ask you which one you are living out?

Pain or pain? You have to take one, which one do you choose?


Which pain is it that speaks the loudest in your life right now; which one do you actually live out?  Seriously.  Ask yourself this.  This is a choice that you have every day.   You and only you are the one in charge of the pain in your life, so pick which one you want to live out.

Whatever your goal is right now – and wherever you are in your journey towards purpose – how badly do you want it?  Do you care enough about it to live a life of daily discipline, focus and intentionality as you take small steps forward?  Never lose sight of the truth that YOU have the ability to make a significant impact on people and to live a life worth telling a story about; you just have to be okay with a little bit of the right kind of pain.

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  1. Love that quote! I’ve been setting lots of goals recently and that helps me stay on track!

    P.S. Are you able to come to the Virginia Bloggers meet up on Saturday?? It would be so fun to meet you in person!

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