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No one ever likes the middle seat on an airplane, especially on a long flight.  Last night I walked onto my red eye flight from San Diego to Atlanta to find that my seat was in fact a middle seat…and even better than that, a middle seat in between two giant men.  Embracing a good attitude, I told myself that there would be more room than it looks like.  There wasn’t.  Both men on either side of me spilled over a bit into my space and they took both of my arm rests. The seat heads were immobile as well and I was left with only one option: I had to accept that it was going to be an uncomfortable six hour flight.

What seems against the wind is sometimes for good reason. Keep your mind open.

As I braced myself for a long journey of thinking about and wishing for sleep, I adjusted myself, and then readjusted and then readjusted some more in my new world that consisted of a few inches of space.  Exhausted and incredibly uncomfortable, I closed my eyes and willed my way to dreamland from the position of sitting straight upright.  When my eyes finally opened, the plane was landing on Atlanta’s runway.  I woke in utter disbelief.  Sleep had seemed an impossibility but the body will get what it needs to take care of itself even in the most unlikely of circumstances.

When there is a will, there is a way.  Whatever middle seat of life you feel squished into right now, know that the journey ahead of you may not be as tedious and uncomfortable as you might anticipate.  The middle seat of life has surprising perks sometimes that will exceed your expectations, you just have to remain open to possibilities that seem impossible.


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