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I’ve been dwelling on the concept of courage ever since I podcasted on it yesterday (if you missed the episode, click here to listen!) and the more I have thought about it, the more I have come to believe that courage is modern day magic.  It is the magic that turns dreams into reality.  It is a magic that is available to us all if only we have  faith enough to believe that we have it within us.


Courage: the breakfast of dreams.


With courage in your toolkit, you can do anything.  You can be anything.  You can achieve anything.  It really is the breakfast of dreams and the spark that ignites wildfires of action.

Create more courage within yourself today by simply deciding that it is a virtue that you value within yourself.   You may not feel like you have much courage right now, but with each opportunity that you have to face your fears, your courage will grow.   You have more boldness within you than you think you do, so trust it and take heart in letting your inner courage really shine.  Most importantly, have the courage to be unapologetically YOU and the courage to stand up for what you really believe in.  If you start with those two things, you courage will grow exponentially and your life will come alive.


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