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My Jetta feels like a brand new car today; four new tires and a new battery, it drives like I just drove it off the sales lot.   The roads now feel like butter as I drive, my tires seem to be dancing as I manuevuer lane to lane, and my engine sounds like it purrs.  I honestly didn’t know that my car had gotten that bad.  I had become accustomed to a little shake in my steering wheel, an extra putter when starting my car, and needing extra room to brake at a stoplight.  Little did I know that gradually, I had become accustomed to a sub-standard driving experience and I didn’t know what I was missing out on until I actually took care of my car the way I needed to.

Are you allowing yourself to be a boiling frog?

Our bodies, and the way in which we live our lives,are no different.  It is amazing what we sometimes tolerate without realizing it.  We are like boiling frogs, so distracted and comfortable at where we are in the pot that we don’t notice the slow transition of the lukewarm water starting to boil, ultimately boiling us alive.   Life can be much better than we often allow it to be if we make clear decisions about boundaries and standards for ourselves.   

Are you allowing yourself to be a boiling frog without realizing it?  If there are things in your life that you are tolerating that you shouldn’t be, stop allowing yourself to be numb.  Stop now and take action because you never know what kind of smooth ride you might be missing out on.  Jump out of the pot and do something.

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