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I like posting blogs every day, and on the days that I miss there is always a reason.  I didn’t write yesterday, not because I didn’t want to, but instead because what I wanted to share is so profound to me that I needed a day to process and mentally articulate how I would share it with you, my readers.  You see, last week I received an email that touched me.  It was an email so encouraging, thoughtful and empowering that I read it twice through, and then out loud, and then I printed it up for future reference.   And while it doesn’t matter what was in the email itself, what does matter is what happened when I thanked Kristen, the girl who had written me the email, in person when I ran into her at Lifepoint Church yesterday.

Hugging her, I thanked her for the amount of time, thought and love that she poured into the email that she had sent.  What she responded to me is what rocked me, for her answer was simple, loving and profound:

She said, “well, you’re worth it.”


You’re worth it. Accept this as truth.


It’s funny.  I have never been silenced by such a simple statement.  What Kristen said to me literally took me aback.  It is so core to everything that I believe, yet for some reason, the sincerity behind her voice and answer made me realize that it’s a message I need to share with you all as well.  What would happen if we answered people’s thank you’s with a “well, you’re worth it”?   What would happen if we all started to really believe that we are beautifully and wonderfully made and that we are worthy of love from others and from ourselves?

Well, I’m here to pass Kristen’s message on to you.   YOU ARE WORTH IT.   Accept it, because it is truth.  Whatever lies you let your mind believe about yourself aren’t true, they are lies, and the lies of the world are often louder than the truth because we aren’t listening with open minds. The truth is close by and it often whispers to us to pull us closer, so listen up and start believing that you are worth it.

You’re worth it.  Never forget it and help me start telling others that they’re worth it too.

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  1. Kiran

    I love your “You’re Worth It” post, simple and to the point. I like how you describe your mental thought process prior to posting this on your blog, it really shows that you put time into what write.
    I also like the short narrative you wrote in the second paragraph, giving the reader a play by play of what happened. I also like how you wrote her response on a separate line, it really helps with scannability.
    The image you posted was also very helpful because it stands out and delivers the message very effectively. The entire time I was reading I had “You are worth it” in my face, very up lifting. I love how you describe how this simple statement made your day, and how “you’re worth it” really does mean, “[you] are beautiful and [wonderful].”
    Wonderful post.

    • Wow Kiran, THANKS! I’m stoked that you were able to connect with my YOU’RE WORTH IT post! Not enough people know and live that out as truth and I want everyone to start believing it! Much love to you today…go tell others how worthy and loved they are! :)

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