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A man’s dreams are an index to his greatness. -Zadok Rabinwitz

Dreams are what make me want to get out of bed everyday.  I’m not talking about bad dreams that keep me up at  night, but rather  the dreams in my heart that keep me up during the day.  Mine fill me with energy, motivation and hope because my dreams are bigger than me; they are what I feel my legacy to the world is and therefore it is my obligation to try to live out each step in the process to my very best ability.   As Zadok Rabinwitz, the 20th Century rabbi philosopher said, “A man’s dreams are an index to his greatness,” and I would add that so too are his dreams an index to his legacy.

Expect greatness of yourself. Leave a legacy that matters.

If you could do, be or achieve anything, what is it that you would do? For anyone that wants their index of greatness to grow, you must first answer this question.  It is imperative that you know your dream in order to know which direction you should be going.  And if you don’t yet know your dream, keep digging. It’s deep within you.  It’s there, I promise, you just have to find it, no matter how long it takes.

Dreams change us: they inspire the expectations that our legacies demand and they ignite our hearts with the passion needed to follow through.    Find your dream, cling tightly to it and never let it go.

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