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-Bonus Addons!
-Added Bonus 5K and 10K Walk/Run Training programs!
-Added "Other Apps by Trish"



Start 2013 off RIGHT and become the RUNNER that you have always dreamt of being with this 12-week program! This is that app that has helped over 12,000 runners complete their first half-marathon in 2012!

NEW BONUS MATERIAL! Walk/Run 5K template and Walk/Run 10K template now INCLUDED to ensure that ALL users can use this program to truly transition from Couch to Half! Thanks to everyone for their honest feedback and requests...we have listened! This new version is everything you need in a running program!

**Please, if you are encountering any volume or sound difficulty, please contact Trish directly for troubleshooting as we want you to have the best experience ever with this app!**

Become the runner that you didn't know that you could be with this Couch to Half-Marathon app! Armed with this app and driven by certified personal trainer and motivator Trish Blackwell, who has helped thousands in achieving their fitness goals, you will be guided not only on how far and often to run, but on how to change your nutrition and lifestyle as well. The personalized video coaching from Trainer Trish herself is what sets this app apart from the rest of running apps out there -- with Couch to Half-Marathon, you get a full running app PLUS a portable personal trainer. Throughout your experience with this 12 week program, your core will tighten, your endurance will increase, you will lose weight, and your confidence will soar as you realize that you ARE a runner.

Trainer Trish Blackwell provides you with customized programming with each week of your 12-week transformation. Trish will be at your fingertips for a weekly core video workout, a weekly motivational talk and running tips lesson, and weekly inspirational quotes to keep you motivated and feeling confident.

-12 Week Training Plan including runs, core training and cross training.
-12 Weekly Motivational Video Coaching Messages from Trainer Trish
-12 Weekly Core Workout Videos customized to compliment your running progressions.
-Printable PDF Files of workout template, weekly workout assignments and inspirations.
-Video Coaching
-Nutrition Tips
-Race Day Preparation Tips
-Running Shoe Selection and Lace Locks
-Positive Thinking Training
-Fitness Tips to optimize your fitness
-Share capabilities with Facebook and Twitter
-Extra YouTube video access for supplemental core workouts.

Believe in yourself and you will achieve anything you set your mind to. Happy running!


"This was my first half marathon, I completed it in 2:35:44. We had extreme heat yesterday (Green Bay, WI -- Cellcom Marathon) and they actually canceled the race just after I finished b/c of the heat. Your program was awesome. I loved it! Your program was was inspiring...I loved the videos each week. Thanks for the workouts, the advice, the pep talks....all were great."
-Davina, App user in Wisconsin

"Simply put, Trish transformed my life. Her "whole body" (physical/mental/emotional) approach to training resulted in changes at the core level of my being...AND the most amazing thing is, it did result in a total lifestyle change. Trish taught me more in six months than I was able to learn in almost 51 years of "working out." Most of all, she taught me I was responsible for me and that all things are truly possible for one who believes it is..."
-100 pound weight loss achiever in Virginia

"With Trish's help, I have lost 50 pounds and I don't know how many inches. The 50 pounds was my interim goal. Thanks to Trish, I believe she has given me tools imparted enough knowledge so that I can continue marching towards my final goal."
-Robert, Client in Virginia

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  1. Sarah

    Hi Trish,

    Can you give me some good ideas to do for cross training. I’m having a hard time thinking of what I should do, and for how long. I’ve just been doing more core workouts, and sometimes even doing the core video a second time in the week. Any other suggestions? Am I doing the right thing? Thanks! I absolutely love this app! It inspired me to be healthy and determined again.

  2. cris

    ok… i am so interested in this, but only have an ipod… am I out of? I don’t see a download for that?


  3. love this app! i may or may not ever run a 1/2 but the training tips are great and i love the inspirational notes! keep up the great work!

    question, any suggestions for controlling breathing? i can get winded pretty quickly sometimes. does lung capacity ever improve? i was a heavy smoker many years ago and wonder if my breathing while running will ever improve.


    • Awesome Jennifer! So glad you love the app!

      For breathing, make sure that you are running at a pace that you could do for long periods of time. Often, runners struggle with breathing when they first get started because they are trying to go too fast too quickly, so I would first recommend that you slow down for your first ten minutes of every workout and that should help the breathing. Also, make sure that you focus on exhaling while running…that should help as well, and yes, with a smoking background, it’s just going to take you a little more time to adjust, but you WILL be able to make it through and your body / lungs will adjust.

      Keep me posted on your progress and on how youre feeling!

  4. Marlene

    will this download on ipod nano?

  5. Miranda Denetdale

    Is this available for Android?

  6. Jennifer Pinasco

    Hi Trish! I downloaded the app, however, the sound is not working. Can you give me some trouble shooting tips? Thanks! Looking forward to starting the program!

  7. Ana Maria

    Problems with volume. Better said……no volume on this app !!! What’s the solution ?? Thank you.

    • Ana Maria, sorry, I didn’t see your comment earlier! Please try these trouble shooting options:

      (1). Make sure that your mute button on your device is not activated.
      (2). Turn off your device for two minutes and then turn back on and allow to reboot.
      (3). If the above two do not work, please let me know and I will contact my developer.

      Happy running to you!

  8. Tamika

    Before I purchase this I want to see if the application allows you to set a race date and then it calculates the 12 week program? My race is Oct 20th. I would like to enter my race date and have the program map out the 12 weeks of training.


  9. Trish, you are most defiantly correct on those who take water stops/walk breaks in all of the 9 races I’ve done this year… I know those who are smaller and been training forever will beat me, but those around the same BMI and about the same training and age cross the finish before I sometimes, so you are right.
    I’m new to this and keep bouncing around from 230-250 at a height of 5’4”…so I really gotta lose the pounds to get faster….My iPhone I ordered on eBay should be here, next week…this will be the first app I buy on it…2bucks is a STEAL, a personal trainer at the Y is at least 20 bucks for 1 session, so thank you for making this affordable…I love your Facebook page and pics rocking out the Pink Bike and Apparel…You go girl and keep doing GREAT things… can’t wait to try that first session.


  10. Jess

    Trish…I’ve been jogging since January this year, done a alot of 5Ks, few 10ks, and one 1/2 Marathon in May, my normal min mile times are 1230-14:10 depending on the course, I’m also in the 45% Body fat ratio…Will this be a good program for me, as in the parts that say to walk, could I just jog instead, so I don’t lose my mile times….I want my 2nd 1/2 to be the 2012 Myrtle Beach mini Marathon and really want to get under 3hrs 15mins if I do a restroom break and take all the water ones…Still new to this and have ALOT of weight to lose….



    • Jess! Absolutely, this program will be great for you! Any walk/running that you do will be a great way to control your heart rate and in fact, a tiny bit of walking (like through water stops) during a race has statistically been shown to drop minutes per mile average. A small break that is still moving forward actually helps you pick up your overall pace, if that makes sense.

      I hope you download the app and keep me posted on your progress; I love staying connected with my app and blog users, so for sure let me know how I can be of help! I say sub 3:15 here you come!

  11. Ana

    Please!!! make it Android friendly :)

  12. Tasha

    You need to make this app available for Android phones!

    • Tasha, I know, I know, I’m working on a solution to make the info available to everyone. I’ll keep you posted and thanks for your interest! Stay connected and let me know if I can help with anything!

  13. How do you suggest those to train who can’t afford this expensive phone and are excluded from gaining this info?

    • Great question Judy and actually I have great news for you…I’m working on an online, downloadable How to Become a Runner program that will include running video coaching and beginner (couch) running programs for the 5K, 10K, half marathon and full marathon distances. I’m hoping to have it available within the next few weeks, will keep you posted.

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