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1. Don’t starve yourself all day, this will only set you up to over-indulge and to regret your Thanksgiving dinner.   Be sure to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner today.

2. Make your plate as colorful as possible and only allow yourself one helping of food (or one plate).  Load half your plate with low-calorie, high fiber vegetables, a quarter of the plate with turkey / protein, and the other quarter with a good carbohydrate choice (ie. corn on the cob or a sweet potato).

3. If you are the cook, substitute unhealthy ingredients for healthy ones when possible.  Also, for pre-dinner snacking, always serve veggies with low-fat or fat-free dips.   Substitute the egg yolks in deviled eggs with hummus for another great fat saving substitution.

4.  Take a walk after eating.

5.  Allow yourself to have a small taste of dessert.  Remember, the more “off-limits” a food becomes, the more likely you will have the tendency to over-indulge in it.  Everything in moderation is OK.

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