The Skinny, Sexy Mind: The Ultimate French Secret

Unlock the French Secret to Transform Your Body and Your Life!

The Skinny, Sexy Mind: The Ultimate French Secret

Book Description

Low self-esteem is an epidemic among American women. In the United States, 67% of women are dieting at any given time; an additional 10% have an eating disorder; and 80% of ten-year-old girls have already tried dieting. Trapped by a compulsive need to conform to arbitrary societal standards of beauty, American women have lost their sense of self. The Skinny, Sexy Mind is here to change all that. Author Trish Blackwell knows what it’s like to fall into the trap of unrealistic expectations. A born overachiever, she always expected perfection of herself. She bought into America’s skinny revolution and battled an eating disorder in her quest for flawlessness. But when she moved to France, her understanding of beauty and her body were transformed into a powerful new joie de vivre that redefined her personal confidence and quality of life. The Skinny, Sexy Mind is a groundbreaking, searingly honest challenge to American women, who desperately need to retrain their minds and lifestyles. This is a book with the power to change lives and to save future generations from the lies and damage of the American culture of beauty.


  1. Hi Trish! You and me have something in common…we are both close friends with Angi! She told me all about you and your book/website and how proud she is of you! I cannot wait to buy the book!

    Love your website. I will definitely be a faithful follower.

    Taylor Hatley

    • Oh my gosh Taylor, THANK YOU for connecting with me, and yes, I love me some Angi! Thanks for hooking up into the Beautiful Body Bistro community and for your support of my book; please share both with anyone else that you might think would find my stuff uplifting as well.

      Much love to you!

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